Online Classes: Seven Ways to Stay Focused

With schools closed due to COVID-19, online classes officially began on Monday, March 2. There are many ways parents can help their child to stay focused and ensure effective learning at home.

1. Provide a Quiet Environment

Lower the volume on (or turn off) the TV and mute your phone. This will minimize distractions at home.

2. Trust Your Child

Stop checking on your child every five minutes. Pretend that they are at school and out of reach. Having a conversation about what they learned at dinner is enough.

3. Have Breaks

Staring at a computer for an extended amount of time harms a child’s eyes. Be sure your child takes breaks often and goes outside for some fresh air. Try for a 10 to 15-minute break every hour.

4. Laptop if Possible

Use a desktop or a laptop with a large screen instead of a smartphone or tablet. The larger screen will prevent your child from squinting and offers more functions to work with.

5. Turn on the Child Mode

If your child must use a smartphone or tablet, turn on the child mode. Doing this effectively cuts off any unnecessary distraction, like games.

6. Upgrade Your Internet

If your child has live online classes, a fast internet connection is a must. Upgrade your Internet package if possible.

7. Be Patient

You are spending much more time with your child, especially if they are a teenager who usually spends the entire week at school. It may cause some frustration or tension between you and your child. Remember to be patient and supportive and make it through this difficult time together.