Meet a Teacher Who Builds Connections

Hailing from Washington, U.S., Marybeth Huntingford Giles has lived and taught in various countries and enjoys traveling and making connections with people.

From: United States
School: Quality Schools International (QSI Dongguan)
Subjects: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Cultural Studies and Science

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I was inspired to become a teacher because of my amazing high school teacher, Miss Phillips. She was not like other teachers. In her class we didn’t just sit and listen; we had fun and got to be involved in the learning process in hands on ways. Miss Phillips got to know us as individuals, which motivated us to learn. We knew she cared about us and wanted us to be successful. All in all, I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in students’ lives like Miss Phillips had made in mine.

What is the most special Teacher’s Day gift? Why is it so special?

Hmm, I have had some great gifts before, yet the ones that stand out to me the most are the homemade cards filled with artwork, poems or heartfelt sentiments. I treasure those. I still have some tucked away.

If you had to describe a teacher’s job as an animal, what animal do you think it would be?

Initially, I thought about a giraffe because it’s my favorite animal. They are the tallest animals, and we as teachers do try to get our students to ‘aim high.’ Also, all giraffes have unique patterns on their coats, and I think it goes without saying that we teachers are a unique, varied bunch. Lastly, they don’t need much sleep.

I think I’ll have to say that perhaps a dog would be a better way to represent a teacher’s job. Dogs help relieve stress, help us feel happy and are good company. Dogs are very good at taking care of their young and teaching them how to get along in the world. Giraffes or dogs. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.