Limited Dine-In Services Begin Today (March 14)

After weeks of no dine-in services due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the City Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarters announced on March 13 restaurants can open for dine-in services with limitations. This comes as a relief to restaurant owners, as the food and beverage industry in Dongguan slowly starts to resemble normality.

Below is a translation of the official announcement outlining the requirements and limitations for reopening.

Announcement from the City Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarters:

To promote an orderly recovery in economic development and satisfy people’s daily needs, please stick to the following regulations to prevent and control the coronavirus spreading in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

1. According to the national and provincial requirements and the actual situation in Dongguan, the City Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarter has decided to allow F&B businesses in Dongguan to provide limited dine-in services.

2. The F&B businesses have to take entity responsibilities. The legal representatives hold full responsibilities and must comply with the F&B Businesses Prevention and Control Manual, Second Version, to make a thorough plan and a contingency plan, in which clear responsibilities are defined along with a cleaning and disinfecting schedule. Internal management must be strict and sick staff are not allowed to work.

3. Before resuming dine-in services, businesses must have a thorough cleaning and keep disinfectant supplies on the premises.

4. Businesses must set up a tracking system of their customers. Customers must use the special QR code, Guan e Declaration, to show their travel and health status before entering the restaurant.

5. Customers must have their body temperature taken before entering. Anyone who has a temperature higher than 37.3℃ or other abnormal symptoms are not allowed to enter. The situation should be reported to the Prevention and Control Department with the street, community and district in which the case was found. The business should tell or assist the customer to go to a close-by fever clinic.

6. F&B businesses should reduce the numbers of tables and chairs to create a more spacious environment.

  • The distance between customers at different tables must be at least 1 meter. Customers at the same table must leave an empty seat in between and when sitting face to face, a distance of 1 meter is required.
  • Sharing a table with a stranger is prohibited.
  • Only one table is allowed in each VIP room.
  • In fast food restaurants, one customer is allowed at one table.
  • The entrance and exit should be separated if possible.
  • People waiting in line should have at least a 1-meter safe distance and a crowd should be avoided.

7. Disinfection should be done after a table has been used. The interval before the table is used again must be more than 10 minutes. The premises must be well-ventilated.

8. Before the outbreak ends, large-scale dining activities are not allowed. A takeaway service is encouraged as well as the following: making a reservation in advance, avoiding peak hours and using non-contact payment methods (pay by phone).

9. F&B businesses are prohibited from purchasing, slaughtering, storing, processing or cooking wild animals and cannot purchase, raise or butcher on live poultry and livestock.

10. Any violation is investigated, rectified and punished according to regulations if the situation is confirmed. All citizens are encouraged to co-operate and supervise. Call at 12345 to report any suspected violation. Other matters that are not covered in this notice, please comply with F&B Businesses Prevention and Control Manual, 2nd Version.

This will come into effect from the date of release (March 13).