Discover a Binge Worthy App

Stop spending hours trying to find your favorite show online and download an app for free TV.

RenRen TV (人人視頻) is aiming to make consuming media and watching your favorite TV shows easier. The best part is it is free.

You hear about a new TV show or movie and pray it can be watched on mainstream media platforms in China. When it cannot, you start searching online as a last resort.

Few people will tell you this process is fun. China’s media content spreads across many platforms and means finding a show or movie can involve repeating the same search among multiple sites. This can take up a lot of time, ruining an otherwise perfect evening.

Old-timers in China may remember RenRen as a popular social network, which was almost a pixel-by-pixel clone of Facebook. Unfortunately, it had to compete with WeChat and was decimated by the green giant as society made the switch from desktop to mobile.

RenRen TV, perhaps strangely, has absolutely no connection to the once dominant social app. If you are wondering how RenRen TV can get away with using the name of a legitimate, NASDAQ listed company, you should!

RenRen TV is not to be confused with RenRen Movies (人人影视) which is also a separate company and has no connection to the original RenRen social app or RenRen TV. Go figure.

Fast forward to 2020, and RenRen TV is making a big splash as a media content provider. It is easily one of the largest TV show streaming platforms in China and seems to be getting bigger.

The app itself does many things right. It is easy to install, just search “RenRen” to find the app. After a quick installation on your phone, put in your phone number to get an SMS verification code (like most apps), then start searching for TV shows.

While the app is in Chinese, searching in English works well. Another fun thing about the app is being able to see which foreign shows are popular in China. In many cases, shows which are extremely hot in China are almost unheard of in their home countries. The movie selection is lacking, but RenRen is quickly becoming the go-to app for TV shows, hosting a better than most availability for popular shows.