DG’s 100th COVID-19 Case Imported From Spain

Dongguan reported its first imported case on March 9, with a local student returning from her studies in Spain. The following is a translation from an announcement published by the Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau. The announcement gives an insight into the individual’s movements, who she was in contact with and protocol for quarantine.

An Announcement From the Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau:

A 19-year-old woman, who lives in New Century Villa, Dongcheng District and is a student at the University of Madrid, recently returned from Spain and is the first reported  imported case in Dongguan.

At 11:30 am on March 7, she flew from Madrid to Hong Kong (flight number: CX320) and arrived at the Hong Kong Airport at 7 am on March 8. She then took a taxi to the Shenzhen Bay port around 9 am. She wore a disposable face mask the entire time. When she went through customs, her temperature was normal and nasal and throat swabs were taken and sent to a lab for further testing. She was then waved through customs.

At 11 am on March 8, her parents picked her up at the Shenzhen Bay border and took her home. She rested in her room, ate alone and wore a face mask when in close contact with her family.

At 7 pm on March 8, she sent several packages from the gate of her garden. She wore a face mask but was in close contact with three delivery men, who wore face masks as well. She stayed home and avoided using the elevator.

At 3:30 am on March 9, the Shenzhen Sanitation and Health Committee informed her that the test results were positive. She was transferred in an ambulance to Dongcheng Hospital for quarantine. Her CT scan showed she had a lung infection, and her nucleic acid test proved positive. Around 11 am, she was transferred to Dongguan No.9 People’s Hospital for quarantine and treatment.

At present, the patient is not showing any symptoms such as fever and her condition is stable. The Disease and Control Department sterilized her residential area.

Roughly six people were defined as “in close contact” with her and were taken to quarantine. The provincial Sanitation and Health Committee informed the Health Department in Hong Kong.