Surviving the Novel Coronavirus Boredom

As mass fear sets in around the world, events and social activities are severely limited to prevent spreading the novel coronavirus. Those who did not escape China for Chinese New Year are more than likely going out of their minds due to a lack of social stimulation. Do not look at this as a disadvantage but as an opportunity to focus on YOU. Here is a list of things to do while waiting out the outbreak.

Start vlogging. 

You are in China; the internet will believe anything you say.

Work on your fitness. 

A healthy body is needed during this time of year. Since being stuck at home is like being in prison, you might as well have the body to go with it.

Read a book. 

A healthy body should be one with a healthy mind. Now is the chance to crack open a book on your growing reading list.

Study the latest outbreak film. 

Purely for educational purposes, watch the latest (or a classic) outbreak film and take notes on the do's and do not's that occur.

Have a staycation. 

Do not be afraid to don your protective mask and go out into the world and relax at a luxury hotel. Rates are low at this time, but be aware that some of the facilities (pool and gym) might not be open.

Go for a walk. 

Sounds boring at first and you will have to whip out your protective breathing apparatus to brave the streets, but the parks are still open and emptier than usual. This is an opportunity to practice your zombie walk.

Study Chinese. 

You have been saying you want to learn for years. Now is the chance. If you do not learn now, you never will...

Make a DIY mask. 

We have seen thrifty people use items from bras to orange peels. Discover how many items in your home can double as a mask and let us know... hmm... "let us," "lettuce?"

Make a list of countries you can not go to right now. 

On a serious note, there are some countries that are limiting entry to people coming from China at this moment. Why not be prepared and make a list.

Have a Corona party. 

No, not like a chicken pox party. Invite the few friends you have left in town over for a Corona (beer) and lime party and do numbers 1 to 9 on the list.