Dongguan Mask Reservation System Launched!

UPDATE (Feb 12, 9 am): The system is now working! Register and you might win a chance to get 5 masks for 5 RMB. 

UPDATE (Feb 10, 11 pm): Overwhelmed with applications on the first day, the Dongguan coronavirus mask-reservation system failed to work normally, and is currently under repair. We will inform you as soon as the system is recovered. 

In order to alleviate the tight supply of masks in Dongguan, the Prevention and Control Command of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia of Dongguan City decides to put 100,000 masks on the market every day starting from February 12th, 2020 (the actual amount may be subject to real-time mask production capacity). It also provides an online reservation service via the WeChat public account of “Qi Guan Jia” (企莞家). Pre-order quota will be allocated by a lottery system. In accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness, every township is to draw lots among all registered citizens who apply for it online. Successful applicants can purchase 5 masks each.

The mask reservation system is open from 9:00 am on February 10th, and citizens can register 24 hours a day. The first lottery will be drawn and results announced on February 11th at 5:00 pm. Thereafter, the lottery will be drawn at 5:00 pm every day.

Appointment Steps
1. Search and follow the WeChat public account of “Qi Guan Jia” (企莞家).

2. Click the “Mask reservation” column to enter the registration page.

3. Fill in information such as name, ID number and mobile phone number, and select the nearest Dongguan Guo Yao Pharmacy (东莞国药) store (500 designated stores in the city).

Click the 1st button for mask reservation s

4. Click the “Save” button.

1. Citizens must make reservations with real names and fill in relevant information truthfully as required;
2. Each WeChat user can make a reservation for three people at the same time (repeated reservation is invalid);
3. Citizens only need to make a reservation once, and the system will automatically draw lots every day among all those who have not won the lottery within the past 5 days;
4. Citizens of each round of lottery can, within 5 days after a successful draw, bring the originals of the valid documents of the successful applicants by themselves or entrust others, and go to the Dongguan Guoyao Pharmacy (东莞国药) Store to purchase 5 masks (one pack) at a price of 1 yuan each;
5. Successful applicants will not participate in the draw within 5 days after a successful draw, and will automatically enter the next round of draw after 5 days without re-submitting application;
6. The system posts the winning notification to the successful applicants through the “Qi Guan Jia” (企莞家) WeChat public account every day, and applicants can also check the draw records later that day.
People who come to buy masks should pay attention to maintaining order and their own health protection. Source: Dongguan Industry and Information Bureau
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