Dongguan Unveils Ten Measures on Production Resumption

Lately,Dongguan unveiled “Measures on Further Promoting Employees to Return to Work and Enterprises to Resume Production during the Period of Prevention & Control of COVID-19” in a bid to encourage employees to return to work and support enterprises to resume production as soon as possible in Dongguan.

Ten Measures are listed as follows:

1. Open up “green channel” for employees to return to work

Strengthen communication with labor export places and open up direct transportation for employees who are returning to work to ensure their safe and smooth return. Encourage employees from non-epidemic area to return to Dongguan as soon as possible and subsidize two-thirds transportation fees to enterprises that take back employees through chartered cars, trains or planes; Arrange special buses and trains to pick up employees from concentrated areas within the province or in the nearby provinces. Provide special services to core employees and technical
backbones of key enterprises and fully subsidize their travel expenses. Customize temporary commuter lines according to the needs of enterprises to provide direct travel services.

2. Grant recruitment rewards to enterprises

Subsidize companies which directly recruit employees who work in Dongguan for the first time with the standard of 1,000 yuan per person. Subsidize human resources service agencies which successfully introduce employees to key enterprises, enterprises manufacturing epidemic prevention supplies or daily necessities with the standard of 500 yuan per person for ordinary workers and 700 yuan per person for skilled workers. If more than 50 people are successfully introduced at one time, the subsidy standard will increase by 200 yuan per person.

3. Encourage enterprises to adopt flexible employment modes

Make best use of local labor force and establish the labor supply reserve to encourage enterprises to adopt flexible employment modes such as part-time jobs for unemployed workers in Dongguan. Establish a public employment adjustment platform and give full play to the industry associations, chambers of commerce and business alliances. Encourage upstream and downstream enterprises, affiliated enterprises and industry enterprises to regulate the labor surplus and deficiency and arrange personnel to provide labor and social security services to enterprises.

4. Strengthen the epidemic prevention supplies

During the epidemic prevention and control period, masks and thermometers (one at least and ten at most) will be allocated to industrial enterprises above the designated size and key enterprises that produce epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities by a ratio of 1/2 and 1/100 separately. The number of employees is determined by that registered by company in Dongguan Healthcare QR Code (莞e申报) system.

5. Address medical observation problems for enterprises

Provide assistance to enterprises in conducting centralized medical observations for returned employees from non-epidemic area. Industrial parks and towns (streets) shall assist enterprises to formulate emergency prevention and control measures and provide epidemic prevention supplies. For enterprises that lack centralized medical observation stations, industrial parks, towns (streets) shall make coordinated arrangement.

6. Implement the process tracking service

Establish a one-stop service tracking mechanism and make good use of “Qi Guan Jia” and other platforms. Promote the collaborative work resumption of the entire industrial chain to increase production and capacity. Epidemic Prevention and Control Guiding Group shall be set up to provide comprehensive and accurate services to enterprises that resume operation.

7. Open up logistics distribution channels

Integrate logistics resources of Dongguan, use chartered vehicles and arrange personnel to address the logistics and distribution needs of enterprises that resume production. Provide assistance to enterprises to solve such problems as required passes for enterprises and traffic restrictions to ensure efficient and smooth logistics and distribution.

8. Reduce corporate procurement costs

Guarantee a stable supply of daily necessities for enterprises. Provide direct supply channels to key enterprises and key engineering projects for their manufacturing and dinning procurements, in order to save the costs during transactions and circulation and ensure resumption of production.

9. Support for Import and Export

Establish fast customs clearance for key enterprises. Enterprises are accessible to emergency public service, a comprehensive legal support platform with free legal services for inquiries of foreign-related laws and lawsuits during the epidemic, assistance in handling force majeure factual evidence for delayed delivery.

10. Financing Guidance and Support

For provincial and municipal special fund projects, if the enterprises meet the funding requirements and have resumed production, special funds will be granted with priority. For enterprises that have resumed production and meet the conditions for bank loans, they are to obtain low-cost financing support from financial institutions.

This policy will be implemented in compliance with relevant national and provincial supporting policies and measures from the date of issue to the end of the COVID-19 epidemic with one-month extension.