Aussie Goodies

Aussie Goodies is importing B Brothers Manuka Honey and Medi Jelly to Dongguan. Manuka honey comes from the manuka tree flower and is known for its healing benefits.

“Manuka honey contains both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so the health benefits include relieving colds and hay fever. It also helps with minor cuts and scratches and insect bites, also sore throats and stomach problems,” Annie Lin, Aussie Goodies owner, said. The higher the strengths the more healing properties it has. Medi Jelly comes in five strengths and B Brothers Honey in three strengths, all in 500-gram jars (prices vary).

Lin said she brings people health and happiness. The health comes from the honey, and the happiness comes from the red wine that she also imports. She plans to add Australian olive oil and peanut butter to the list of imports later this year.

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