Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Your Coronavirus Mask

The last of the mask holdouts have finally acquiesced. Seeing that a mask is required to enter all public buildings, you should familiarize yourself with proper mask use, as well as a few masked noes.

Do: Follow the mask manufacturer’s instructions

Alright, so you got your mask, and you are ready to put that bad boy on and start going out in public, again. Not so fast! Improper mask use can be dangerous for yourself and others. Ensure you are following proper mask protocols. This includes correctly wearing the mask, the service life and storage. It only takes one wrong move to contaminate a mask, rendering it useless.

Do Not: Use secondhand masks

You are in desperate need of a mask. You see one laying on the sidewalk, it does not look too used so you think about picking it up. You would not do that with a prechewed wad of gum, so do not do it with a mask. You do not know who had it last or where it came from. Better to play it safe and ask a friend if they have one you can use. If they have one they “only wore for a couple of days,” ask where they bought it from. Do not accept the used one.

Do: Understand the limitations of your mask

You have your new mask and you feel invincible. You feel like you could walk into a Wuhan seafood market and have a nice night out with Patient Zero.

Not so fast! Anything short of a military grade full-face gas mask and hazmat suit is going to leave your eyes vulnerable to infection. Wash your hands often, and refrain from touching your face.

Do Not: Follow unverified information on the internet

Let’s face it, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Much of it is harmless, but some is downright dangerous. Masks are expensive and hard to find these days, and they do not last forever (refer to your mask manufacturer for service life). Unverified information on mask maintenance should not be followed. Think twice before you boil, steam or soak your mask in any kind of solution.

Do: Prevent fogging up your glasses

This one is for our friends who need four eyes to see instead of two. If you wear glasses, there is a chance you are greatly annoyed with the lenses constantly fogging up from your mask being on. The fog comes from your breath, so the only way to hack it is by minimizing the opening at the top of your mask. Wear it as tight as you can and press the wire in the mask to fit the bridge of your nose. An alternative is installing tiny windshield wipers.

Do Not: Rely on novelty masks

As mentioned, disposable masks are hard to come by these days. So maybe you thought about getting a novelty mask. Sure, you will be allowed in buildings, but a novelty mask will do next to nothing in preventing coronavirus. However, people will think you are insane, and likely keep a very safe distance from you.

HERE! understands the severity of the novel coronavirus. This post is meant as a form of entertainment as well as useful information during this trying time.