No Instruments, No Problem

This musical group of “weirdos” are using their voices to their full potential. Weirdo has performed a cappella music for seven years, after meeting in an a cappella club at the Dongguan University of Technology City College.

Their name is designed to highlight the unique personalities and voices of all six members: Leixin Li, Yon Zheng, Xiaojun Lin, Yunying Liang, Kailin Tan and Siwei Lin. One of the members even made managing the group his career after graduation.

“For a long time we didn’t have a name, then one of us said everyone is special. We all have our own personality, so that’s why we are called Weirdo,” S. Lin, group manager and spokesperson, said.

They recently performed “There Will Be Bread” which was interpreted in a cappella form by the group and became the featured soundtrack to the Dongguan film A Taste From Happy Island. They performed the song during the premiere of the film at the Yulan Theater on November 29.

Weirdo pulls inspiration from well known a cappella performers and groups such as Pentatonix, an American group. However, they said the songs they do depend on the style and popularity.

They still guide a cappella groups at their old university and use the space to practice. The group was modest in saying anyone can sing but added it takes a lot of practice.

“Though we already graduated, we still recruit new people to the a cappella club each year,” S. Lin said.

Weirdo has appeared in venues around Dongguan and Guangdong, including concerts in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Those who are interested can listen to their music online at