Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen, located in 33 Town since 2017, is aiming for “food feeds the body, making feeds the soul,” by providing customers with cooking courses.

“In the West, a kitchen is always a place where families gather together and is full of love. Making more families lay emphasis on the kitchen is the reason why Living Kitchen was founded,” Iris Liu, Living Kitchen manager, said.

The courses start with five people and are tailored to the needs of the customers. There are also one-on-one courses for individuals or for family groups. Instructor Eason Li can also teach classes in English.

By joining their classes, you can learn skills such as dessert and drink making, traditional Chinese delicacies and other select foods. Classes start at the reasonable price of 100 RMB (the price increases depending on requests). Other activities, such as wine tasting are on offer. If you are a student with exquisite skills, you can even prove your talents and become a teacher.