DG Dog Management Regulations

The new Dongguan Dog Management Regulations went into effect in November 2019. The regulations apply to animal care, violations and owner obligations, as well as a code of conduct to follow when dogs are in public.

According to the regulations, new dog owners must register their dog at a registration service agency (any credited petshop, foster, grooming, animal training center or vet) within 30 days of ownership. All dogs must be up to date on their rabies immunizations and obtain a certificate which is to be carried on the owner and dog when in public. Dog abuse and abandonment is prohibited, and a scoring system has been implemented to determine illegal dog raising.

Dogs shall not be kept on a leash longer than 2 meters, and owners are held responsible for the actions of their dogs when interacting with people or other animals.

After calling and confirming with the Dongguan Public Service Center, the new dog regulations have been passed, but are not currently enforced. HERE! asked for a time when the regulations will be enforced, but that information is not available. We will update you when it is.

Scroll down to read the new dog management regulations from the Dongguan Municipal Government.

The implementation of a dog raising grading system. The dog owner shall, within 30 days from the date of raising the dog, submit the application for dog registration to a dog registration service agency entrusted by the Dongguan Public Security Bureau. If the dog was under ownership before the declaration of these regulations (November 17, 2019) the registration shall be handled within 30 days after implementation.

The implementation of a rabies immunization system. Dog owners shall, by the immunization procedures prescribed by the agricultural and rural departments, take their dogs to animal epidemic prevention agencies or the entrusted animal diagnosis and treatment agencies (a vet) for their rabies vaccinations and obtain their immunization certificate.

A scoring system for dog raising violations was established. A dog owner shall not abandon their dog, and no one shall abuse a dog. The Dongguan Public Security Bureau established a scoring system for illegal dog raising. Those who fit the criteria for dog raising violations cannot own dogs.

Owners and dogs should abide by a code of conduct when in public areas. Dogs must have proof of rabies immunization and registration. When in public, be aware of your dog’s code of conduct, dogs shall not be kept in public areas, do not allow your dogs barking to be a public disturbance and do not allow dogs to intimidate or hurt others. Dogs should be kept on a lead no longer than 2 meters long. Dogs should wear a muzzle. Take the initiative to avoid pedestrians, especially the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and minors. When taking a public elevator with a dog, the consent of other passengers shall be obtained. Obtain the consent of the driver when taking a dog in a taxi. Take the initiative to stop your dogs barking and hostile behavior. Immediately clean up your dog’s waste and dispose of in the proper receptacle. Minors are not allowed to accompany a dog alone.

Dogs are prohibited from entering designated public areas (except service dogs). Dogs are prohibited from being taken on public transportation (buses, the subway, etc.). They are also prohibited from going into public transportation ticket offices, waiting rooms, museums, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, libraries, cultural and entertainment venues, places for religious activities, government buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and areas designated by the Dongguan Public Security Bureau.

Dog owners are encouraged to take out insurance for dog related injuries. If a dog hurts another person, the dog owner or the person carrying the dog at the time shall immediately take the victim to a medical institution for treatment. They shall pay the victim’s medical expenses related to the dog attack. Dogs that hurt people and are suspected of rabies, and are not within the valid period of immunization, shall be sent to a facility entrusted by the Dongguan Public Security Bureau for a 10-day observation to confirm if the animal has rabies or not.

Fines for related violations. If an owner does not comply with the provisions, the Dongguan Public Security Bureau will order the owner to make corrections within a time limit. If no corrections are made within the time limit, the individual shall be fined 1,000 RMB to 2,000 RMB. If an owner is not in accordance with the provisions of the dog’s rabies immunization, they will receive a warning. If the owner refuses to get their dog vaccinated, they will be fined 500 RMB to 1,000 RMB. If a dog’s body is buried by itself, discarded at will or not disposed of properly the person in violation will be fined 3,000 RMB. Individuals who raise dogs with violent tendencies in violation of regulations shall be fined between 2,000 RMB and 5,000 RMB, and the dogs shall be confiscated.

If dogs are in public without a license, a leash (or in a cage) or muzzle the owner can be fined between 50 RMB and 200 RMB. If a minor goes out alone with a dog, the owner can be fined 50 RMB to 200 RMB. If a dog is taken into a forbidden area the owner will be asked to take the dog and leave. If they do not, they can be fined between 50 RMB and 200 RMB. If an owner does not clean up their dog’s waste, they will be asked to. If they still refuse, they will be fined between 50 RMB to 200 RMB.