Behind the Lens

Director, producer and writer Lai Xueyi, better known as Snow, tasted success with the debut of her film A Taste From Happy Island which premiered on November 29 at the Yulan Theater and in cinemas across Guangdong on December 13.Born in Dongguan with a strong connection to Hong Kong, Snow began producing and directing films in 2010, with her company Here Design.

“Everything was quite new, in 2010… At that time, I was making family clothing and I designed some things. I had a friend who was making a movie in Dongguan, a short movie, and I worked with them. It interested me in a fun way, and I wanted to do something,” Snow said.

She said she wants to use her camera to share the Dongguan’s history and views. Her style focuses on the truth, provoking real emotions from viewers and have them think about real life situations. Snow pulls from her life experiences for the inspiration behind her films.

“I am talking about myself… What I am thinking,” she said. She gave the example of A Taste From Happy Island saying she thinks, “How can people be happy,” and strives to depict it on film with a commonality for viewers.

“Everyone is looking for a happy place,” she said. Snow wanted to make movies, but many people told her “no” because of her family, having to put them first. However, she still had stories in her mind she needed to tell.
“I focused on how to make it (production) easier. Then people said, ‘Oh, maybe you can do it’,” Snow said.

Since starting her production company, she has made many promotion videos for the local government and has over 100 cataloged short and feature films (most available online).