Anonymously Passing on the Torch

Due to the content of the article, all individuals shall remain anonymous. The coordinator of the Dongguan Alcoholics Anonymous (DGAA) chapter is passing on the torch and is in search of a new coordinator. He said this is not a leadership position but a position to gather people together who need each other as they work towards changing their lives.

“Us addicts have a lot of work to do during our recovery… We are not the people that loved ones know. Everything has changed for all of us. We (addicts) are not the person people remember, we are learning ourselves how to be a person again. It’s a daily process,” he said.

He said he does not know of other programs in Dongguan that are similar.

The meetings were held at the Starbucks in One Mall but are subject to change based on the new coordinator.

“Recovery in part is helping others,” he said.

Those interested in becoming the new coordinator, contact us at editor@heredg.com to get connected with DGAA.