Accepting Yourself

Zhang Jingji (张荆棘), or better known by his screen name Zhang Nan (张男), is a Dongguan Key Opinion Leader (KOL) telling inspirational stories through artistic comics and voice recordings, with a sentimental style using five WeChat accounts: Bu Hui Hua Chu Ban She (不会画出版社), Za Luan Wu Zhang (杂乱无章), Nv Peng You Sheng Qi Le (女朋友生气了), Yong Bao Yao Sheng (拥抱要深) and Wang Ze Peng A (王泽鹏啊).

He set up his original account, Za Luan Wu Zhang (杂乱无章) or The Chaos, during his freshman year at the Dongguan University of Technology combining many topics.

Zhang Nan’s accounts have become popular over the past several years, with an estimated 3 million followers. Topics now include accepting yourself despite your flaws, understanding your loved one’s situations and letting go of the past.

It is all in Chinese but could be read (or listened to) by those with reasonable skills. Even if your Chinese is not great, the comics are still enjoyable for their art style. If you need an inspirational pick me up, these channels are recommended.