A Taste of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has just gotten a little closer to Dongguan with Café de jordon opening its doors in 33 Town.

Café de jordon’s diner-style has characteristics late-night eateries are known for and are dear to foodies like me.

With opening hours 7 am to 10 pm, the menu options reflect customers’ fluctuating appetites throughout the day. Some dishes are a classic example of Hong Kong, such as the roast duck, while others show a resolutely mainland influence.

Owner Peter Kong, originally from Hong Kong but has lived in Dongguan since 1997, has worked in the restaurant industry for the past 10 years. This has given him a savvy perspective on what makes a successful business and an understanding of the necessity to mix things up to satisfy the widest possible range of customers.

To begin my culinary experience, I was offered an iced tea, coffee and evaporated milk mix which worked surprisingly well together. It was very sweet, but not so much that I could not distinguish both tea and coffee flavors in turn.

I moved on to Singapore style noodles, nicely sauteed and flavored with hints of curry. I could not pass on ordering one of my favorite local dishes, a beautiful combination of eggplant and green beans that would send Instagram fans into a picture taking frenzy.

Bringing out another Hong Kong favorite, the sweet and sour pork was cooked using large, boneless chunks of meat bathed in an oil-based sauce.

The pièce de résistance was a whole fish cooked with oil and peppers. It is a specialty common in Dongguan, and one that I often shunned as I find it to be over-flavored. Happily, this iteration was much more subtle and did not come with that mouth-numbing feeling from a result of munching on pepper pods.

The prices carried from 18 RMB for the vegetable dishes to 128 RMB for their main fish dishes. Most items hovered around 40 RMB, as was the case with the roast duck, fried noodles and fried rice.

Café de jordon is the kind of place one wants close to home and offers the chance for a well-cooked meal without the fuss.

No. 106 Bldg 26, Guangdong 33 Town, Dongsheng Rd, Dongcheng / 东城区33小镇26栋106号铺