Six Lucky Gifts From Dongguan

If you are getting ready to travel for the holiday (Christmas or CNY) the idea of what to get people might have crossed your mind. Discover the gifts of Dongguan (and China), as well as where you can buy them.

It’s difficult to walk in parts of Dongguan without being greeted by the smell of incense and precious woods. Beaded bracelets, pendants and other ornaments usually come in a box of shavings to serve as storage when they aren’t worn and are great gifts to take home to your friends and siblings as a piece of China. You will find stores that specialize in the wooden ornaments on Ruanchong Road, with prices starting at 300 RMB. It’s one of few legitimately traditional streets remaining in Dongguan.

Gag Gifts
Feel like challenging your friends with a few exotic morsels? Liang Pin Pu Zi Bestore in Wanda Mall may be the choice for you. Items are sold by the unit in plastic wrappers reminiscent of American candy, but candies they most definitely are not.

Shrimp, squid, oysters and duck eggs are just a few options that are sure to make for interesting conversations around the Christmas tree. The best part is that they are cheap—between 5 RMB to 10 RMB. So fill up a bag of strange snacks for Christmas.

Traditional paintbrushes are sure to please the aspiring calligraphers, but they are pretty enough in their own right to deserve a space on your mother’s bookshelf. Why not make your visit to the shop a pleasant one?

Nestled among a bucolic park, Keyuan is a Dongguan site worth the visit. Built as a home for a Qing Dynasty dignitary in 1850, its beautiful and soothing vistas have inspired a great many poets over time. Fittingly, the site’s official store sells everything you need to launch an calligrapher’s career for 300 RMB (there are a few cheaper sets).

This one is for the old souls in your life who like to take a moment to sip their tea. What better way to enjoy that moment than with a tea set from China? With numerous tea shops in Dongguan, it is easy enough to find, along with tea to complete it.

Prices vary depending on if you want a simple clay pot and cups (about 60 RMB) or a copper kettle (1,000 RMB). Don’t rule out the option of a tea filtering cup for around 20 RMB at Miniso and other similarly styled shops.

Why not warm the cockles of your uncle Scrooge’s heart with a bottle of baijiu? The rice wine will put anyone in the Christmas spirit, and is found in any supermarket and even at convenience stores in case you remember someone on the way to the airport. Most bottles have a reasonable price.

However, if you don’t want to skimp on the good stuff go, to a baijiu specialty shop but be prepared to pay more.

How about a pair of modern headphones? The new bookstore, Reading U, located in 33 Town, offers many cool wares from framed art, to build it yourself automatons. Nevertheless, it was the engraved wooden headphones that caught my eyes. Owl faces, phoenixes in mid-flight or amped up robots, there is a theme for every taste. The brand is called Wu Design and is based in Dongguan.

They are a bit pricy, ranging from 499 RMB to 1,880 RMB, but keep this aging technology relevant in the era of air-pods.