Set Sail with Sashimi at Brother Ship

Nestled between two already established eateries, Hollywood Baby Too and Little India, in Dongcheng is a hidden gem. Brother Ship is a non-assuming Japanese restaurant of possibly the most delicious Japanese food I had the great fortune of tasting since arriving in China.

We were greeted by the welcoming owner, Mr. Yoshiya, before being handed over to his manager, Lan, who looked after every customer that evening with a calm and gentle approach.

Within moments of sitting down, we were served Agari, a Japanese green tea and a 2019 World Champion sake, Katsuyama (fiery as it hit the palate and then smooth as you imbibed it). My nectar-like plum wine arrived, with a stunning edible flower ice-cube, which perfectly complimented the meal that followed.

“Wow” was the only word that came to mind at Brother Ship as each course laid in front of us. Every dish presented not only a feast for the eyes but a truly scrumptious dining experience. The sashimi seafood entrée arrived with exactly the right amount for each guest to enjoy the bitesize morsels.

This followed by another fish and pickled vegetable dish: cured slices of fish roe, tender shark cartilage, sardines in a chili sauce, a fishball topped with caviar, pickled baby cucumbers and baby beans.

Steamed white fish sitting on two towers of gently cooked mooli dressed in a sweet and sour sauce followed swiftly after. The whole dish melted in one’s mouth.

A culinary sensation then arrived–thinly sliced fried ox tongue, which is eaten by wrapping around small cubes of soft cheese and then dip in soy sauce. Next were fried chicken wings and shrimp pate coated in breadcrumbs, which oozed flavor. To end the evening, we had a noodle soup with soft boiled egg, pork slices and seaweed.

A parting comment from a Japanese customer reflected what we quickly discovered about Brother Ship: “The best Japanese restaurant in town!”

Address: No. A1005 New World Garden, Dongcheng Zhi Road