Earthquakes in Dongguan

On October 12 an earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale, hit Yulin, Guangxi at 10:55 pm, during which tremors were felt in different cities—Dongguan included. That became the fourth tremor felt in Dongguan this year. Many people may not know that Dongguan sits on two seismic belts: one that runs from Qishi to Humen, the other from Shilong to Houjie. The former is a major one that cuts through more than 10 towns, a few of which are Humen, Dalingshan, Liaobu, Dongkeng, Hengli and Qishi. According to an analysis from Dongguan Seismological Bureau, it is estimated that the magnitude can reach a maximum of 5.5 if the seismic region lands in Dongguan. Since Dongguan is listed as one of the key seismic monitoring and prevention regions in China, 15 seismic observatories were built over the years.

Hospitals and schools after 2003 were evaluated according to earthquake prevention safety level regulations. Shelters were constructed in many places including public parks such as People’s Park, Huying Park and Central Square. In Dongguan’s history, although over ten earthquakes have been recorded, the severity of the magnitude was never life threatening. Almost half a century has passed since the biggest earthquake in the city, with a magnitude of 2.8, was recorded in 1973.