Bacon Cocktail Anyone?

Upon entering PO Tea Lounge and Cocktail Bar the phrase “Are you sure you want to go back to real life?” is noticeably written on a sign in the corner and is fitting for an evening away at this quiet dimly lit location. On your left, you will see the traditional wall of alcohol behind a bar and chairs running the length of the room.

The managing bartender, Frankie, is quick to welcome anyone in search for a drink and match it to their taste. Each drink in the lineup has something unique, making it different from your traditional cocktail.

The first recommendation is the Wu Nong Ruan Yu. Though the name is a mouthful, this delightful concoction could trick one into sipping it all afternoon with a cassia wine base from the soft taste of Osmanthus flowers. The presentation alone is enough to make you order one, as it is served under a smoke-filled glass container.

Moving on to a slightly bitter mix is the Ciao Lychee with a vodka base. This drink is unique for being topped with lychee foam and of course the fruit itself is inside.

Next is every bacon lovers’ dream, a Bacon Old Fashioned served with a bacon garnish. A crazy idea at first, but bourbon is soaked in bacon fat and absorbs the taste. The bourbon is later separated from the fat before being mixed for the drink. The taste is easier than a traditional Old Fashioned, and offers a smoky, hickory flavor that will seem familiar, but is not overpowered by bacon.

It was at this point Frankie surprises me with a bowl of oden soup; a Japanese dish which is also popular in Beijing. She said after people have been drinking, they get hungry and most of the food shops are closed late, so this is something extra they can order.

The last cocktail of the night is true to its name and is special due to its sweetness not coming from a syrup. Keep Sweet and Carry On is a combination of Pedro Ximinez (PX) Sherry and rum. Though tame on the first sip, it offers an after kick that will knock you down.

Take a trip to PO Lounge for an original drinking experience.

Address: No. 108 Zhongsheng Business Mansion, Hongfu Road / 广东省-东莞市-鸿福路108号-中盛商务大厦一楼111室02