Covering All The Bases: THREE DROPS on garden

Alright, so I went to one of the only restaurants in town that serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner all day and evening drinks, THREE DROPS on garden.

With its ambitious world domination plan, I wanted to see if it could live up to the buzz. After all, it’s hard enough to do one thing right, let alone several.

When you go to THREE DROPS—whatever time of the day—there are plenty of people. With high ceilings, nice lighting and an overall pleasant atmosphere, it’s become a popular place to enjoy food and drinks with friends.

I opted to sample food for every meal of the day. I started with their signature breakfast, which is a large English style breakfast with traditional sausage, eggs, beans, tomato and toast. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and I would go back again just for this. Inside tip: get this one for dinner if you plan on partying late into the night.

The next item was the Wagyu burger. This one is quality over quantity, as it’s one of the smallest burgers in town. However, it uses high-quality Wagyu beef, so it is small but mighty in taste and texture.

They have extensive afternoon tea and lunch options, which are already very popular with the local market. I tried a fruit pancake set and a lava chocolate cake, which required the fun process of cutting, breaking and mixing all the ingredients.

I tried one of their signature cocktails, the Smoky Whisky, which contained whisky, lemon, grapefruit, bitters and a cloud of smoke. This whisky is served in a large glass cover filled with dry ice. Lifting the cover allows the smoke to dissipate in a very satisfying way, revealing the simple cocktail.

Overall, THREE DROPS seems to be succeeding in what it set out to do. Maybe it will become your favorite place for breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch or dinner, or maybe you want to venture to the second-floor bar for a drink. Either way, no matter what time of the day you go, this place has plenty to enjoy.

Address: No. 16 New World Garden Commercial Street C, Dongcheng East Road / 东莞市东城区新世界花园C1026室叁色餐厅