The Legend of Qifeng Lantern

Qifeng Mountain has the reputation of being the first famous mountain in the Lingnan region. It had a high status in ancient times and was also the place scholars visited for enlightenment. At the top of the main peak, Huangqi, is the iconic Qifeng lantern, built in 1993. People can see its glow at night from all over Dongguan.

The older generation of Dongguan believes that the lantern represents good luck. Even now, it is still regarded as a blessing and good will for Dongguan. There is a legend about the mysterious lantern: at the top of Huangqi Mountain, there used to be a banyan tree with a history of 1,000 years. However, after a long time, the heart of the tree gradually became empty. Fireflies all over the mountain would fly to the tree to rest when they were tired. Looking from a distance, the light formed was like a bright moon or a lantern. Such a stunning sight left a deep impression on people. Later, the banyan tree disappeared, and fireflies flew away, and people missed the glow, so they built a big lantern on the top of the mountain to replace the fireflies. This has become a famous monument that now represents the spirit of Dongguan.