Local World Cup Kicks Off

The Guangda Dongguan Football World Cup kicked off its opening ceremony on October 15 at Dongguan Xiping Jianda Football Park and will continue through December. Seven amateur teams are competing for the title of the DG World Cup Champions.

During the ceremony each team was introduced by their captain or a representative and met with their sponsors. Event founder and organizer Stefanie Rao thanked the sponsors and introduced the event committee.

“There is a very large group of foreigners in Dongguan who come from all over the world… The purpose of organizing the World Cup is to promote the communication and understanding of friends from different countries in Dongguan through the sport,” Rao said.

She said this is not just a competition and hopes to organize games for many years to come.

Games are free to attend, so go out and show support for your favorite team. The remaining games are on November 12, 19 and 26 and December 3, with the finals on December 10. All the games start at 7 pm.