Electric Minibuses in Nancheng

On September 29, Dongguan City Bus Company opened six micro-circulation lines for the new red minibuses (18 buses in total), which are seamlessly connected to the Hongfu Road Subway Station. The buses mainly serve the Nancheng area and are designed for shorter distances and faster travel times compaired to standard buses.

Each bus has nine seats, fits a total of 19 people and has a battery life of 160 kilometers. In addition, the fare is only 1 RMB, which is quite affordable. Its operation mode is a clockwise single-loop travel (a one-way operation) and stops at key locations in Nancheng, such as the Hongfu Subway, the Yulan Theater and the Dongguan Library. The buses operate from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, with a normal waiting time of 15 minutes, but at peak hours is about 6 minutes.

Furthermore, passengers can get 28 percent off the price by using the scan function in the Dongguan Tong app (foreigners are still waiting to use this app). Dongguan Tong will also launch WeChat and Alipay functions on the minibus. Hopefully, in the future, this type of electric minibus will be popularized in various towns and districts, benefiting more citizens in other regions.