Dongguan Filmmaking: Tasteful Movie Premiere

Follow the life journey of main character Zhou Xiaoli and her search for happiness through food at the premiere of “The Taste From Happy Island” at the Yulan Theater on November 29 at 8 pm. The independent film highlights the rising pressure of modern life in Hong Kong and Dongguan along with emerging psychological problems.

The film is directed by Lai “Snow” Xueyi and produced by her company, Here Design. Snow is originally from Hong Kong but grew up in Dongguan; “The Taste From Happy Island” was filmed in various locations around Dongguan. She said the film shows the cultural differences between the two cities.

“The beauty of nature and the deliciousness of food can heal the soul, but they are all ignored by busy urbanites,” Snow said in an official statement. She also finds personal happiness in cooking and hopes to bring positive energy through food. “The Taste From Happy Island” commemorates the life of Snow’s friend’s father, who promoted environmentally friendly work on his own island. The film integrates taste with space, explores the meaning of happiness and focuses on a woman’s self-improvement. It is also an exhibition of excellence in honor and celebration of China’s 70th anniversary.

It is shown in Chinese; however, there are English subtitles. Contact HERE! for free tickets.