Classic DG Art on Display

In order to celebrate China’s National Day and improve cultural art appreciation, the CPPCC and Guancheng Sub-district Offices are hosting a Dongguan art exhibition called The Essence of the Times at the Guancheng Art Museum from September 17 to November 30. The free exhibition shows the art culture of Dongguan over the past 70 years. The museum is open 9:30 am to 5 pm everyday except Monday.

A total of 61 artists from Dongguan are featured along with an estimated 163 art works. Among them are literary scholar, Rong Geng; academic master of the arts and crafts, Deng Bai; the overseas Chinese calligrapher, Huang Banruo; one of the creators of the People’s Heroes Monument, Zhang Songhe; the Chinese Peasant Comic Strip writer, Guo Tongjiang and other famous artists. The works in the exhibition cover various forms of art.

The first and second floors of the exhibition hall not only have traditional Chinese paintings, sculptures, calligraphy, watercolor and oil paintings and wood carvings, but also precious stamps for visitors. The third-floor exhibition has an open book display, where visitors can have a hands-on experience.