A Bagel an Order Away

It is easy to miss the simple things such as fresh baked bagels, but did you know you can get New York style bagels delivered to your doorstep? Break out the cream cheese and salmon lox and place an order from HH Baking Company this month. HH Baking Company offers many options to choose from: traditional plain bagels, cinnamon and raisin, sesame seed, or for the more adventurous individuals, the chili bagels, are just a few. They now offer mini bagels. All are made by baker and namesake HH Klein, who studied the traditional style of bagel making in Colorado, U.S., under the supervision of a New York bagel professional, before moving back to China and opening HH Baking Company in 2012, with her husband Matthew Klein, in Shenzhen. They can easily ship an assortment of made to order bagels to your front door through their website, hh-gourmet.cn. You can order other items, such as cookies, breads and dog treats through their website as well. If you are in the Shekou, Shenzhen area stop by their restaurant, HH Gourmet. In most cases, those who order in Dongguan will receive the items the same day. However, orders after 2 pm or gluten free items could require an extra day (they do not ship on weekends or holidays).