Vlogging Wave Makers in China

Video apps offer a platform to show talents, share skills and express ideas. Stay up to date on internet celebrities in Dongguan, Guangdong and china-wide and find out why they’re trending.

Rachel Marie Rommeswinkel, a 24-year-old American, is a Dongguan celebrity on Bilibili with her channel Rachel R 星星 (Xing Xing). She has more than 550,000 followers, and does cosmetic reviews, makeup tutorials and shares advice on trending topics from a foreigner’s point of view. By the way, it’s all in Mandarin.

“I think that I have a really unique perspective that I can bring to my viewers online, because I do speak English and I have the Chinese culture background,” Rommeswinkel said.

Her family moved to Dongguan when she was a child. Because she grew up in Dongguan, she is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. This is one of the main characteristics of her videos: a foreigner speaking Mandarin in a flawless Cantonese accent.

Besides the makeup tutorials and her language talents, audiences also like her entertaining opinions and advice. For example, one of her most popular videos, which has more than 1.5 million views, is about how to tell whether a foreign man is a “playboy” or not. She also made a more comical video about tampon instructions.

“For anybody that wants to start their own channel… I always ask them to think about what they can give to their viewers that is different from what is already existing,” she said.

Guo Jiafeng, a 28-year-old comedian from Guangzhou, is famous in Guangdong for his Cantonese talk show called 粤知一二 (Yue Zhi Yi Er). The show has around ten million followers in total on different channels such as WeChat and Douyin. Beside the online channels, Guo tours the Greater Bay Area doing stand-up comedy. He even made a stop in Dongguan in August.

Aiming at promoting Cantonese culture and language, the show talks about interesting stereotypes or memes in Cantonese, differences between north and south China and other popular topics. His latest video is about Cantonese always having barbecues during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a chance for men to meet women.

The content is laughable with thought-provoking questions and entertaining summaries at the end of each video. Guo’s speech and exaggerated expressions add to the reasons this channel is so popular.

Li Jiaqi, a 27-year-old host of a Douyin account called 李佳琦Austin (Li Jiaqi Austin), that sells cosmetics, mainly lipsticks, by live streaming them. He is known for trying all the products himself with honest recommendations and exaggerated comments. Li has become known as “the devil,” because audiences cannot help spending money on what he recommends.

He became the legend of online selling, after selling 15,000 lipsticks in 15 minutes, and has around 50 million combined followers on Taobao Live, Douyin and Little Red Book. He beat Jack Ma in an online live selling competition during 11/11 on Taobao last year by selling 1,000 lipsticks while Jack Ma only
sold 10.

To keep such a huge number of followers, he doesn’t just work long hours every day, but also tries every lipstick on his lips, so audiences can see how the lipstick goes on instead of showing it on hands and arms. Austin once live streamed himself trying 380 different lipsticks in two hours. He is worth of the title of the top key opinion leader of lipsticks.