Fresh Cheese on Wechat

It is almost impossible for a lot of homesick expats to get soft and fresh cheese in Dongguan. That was until Alessandro Nicolau, a Brazilian man living in China for 12 years, decided to open his fresh cheese workshop–La Vaca Feliz–in Shenzhen three years ago and moved to Dongguan a year ago. He offers nine different kinds of cheese including fresh fresco, salado, mozzarella and ricota, which he makes every Monday at his workshop in Houjie, before sending it to customers by SF express with a minimum order of 250 grams.

Nicolau said that it takes around 10 kilograms of fresh milk to make 1 kilogram of cheese. To ensure quality, he uses milk directly from a cow farm in Qingyuan.

The cheese is particularly popular among pregnant women who are looking for good quality fresh cheese as a calcium supplement. You will find one or more kinds of cheese by La Vaca Feliz that will satisfy your taste buds. Contact editor Lisax Leung by WeChat at iamlisax to find out more and start enjoying fresh cheese in DG. Find the Fake Ad and send your answer to Lisax for your chance to win a gift basket!