Decode Your DNA And Find Your Unibrow

Most have an idea of their ancestry linked to common genetic traits. You might be able to go back a few generations but will eventually hit a roadblock. Find out your genetic makeup with a simple process.

Which would you like to eat first, the sweet or the sour grapes? That is a classic psychological test designed to reveal whether you are optimistic or pessimistic. However, when I am offered such an opportunity, I’d rather have the grapes sorted in a descending order based on their sweetness.

Imagine your genes as “grapes” on strings of DNA. Don’t you want to crack down the genetic codes that define what you are and what vine you come from?

It is becoming more and more affordable. A couple of hundred RMB can at least shed some light on this question that has been haunting human beings for thousands of years. In 2014 the cost of one genetic test dropped to around $1,000 following the “Human Genome Project” (HGP) initiated in the 1990s, which cost more than $3 billion. The era of genetic testing is here, with the cost significantly lower compared to the past.

I got myself a testing kit at a trial price of 50 RMB. When I laid my eyes on the box, “Hello, you” on the cover shocked me like telepathy. I am about to get to know ME. The process was almost ritualistic. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth carefully before patiently waiting for 30 minutes (during which, kissing, eating or drinking was not allowed) to start collecting 2 milliliters of my saliva using the container with a bar code which was linked to my phone number. All I needed to do was to send my sample back and wait seven days for my results.

I am of true mixed blood with 70.4 percent Southern Han, 21.5 percent Northern Han, 6 percent Tibetan-Burmese, 1.8 percent Miao and, unbelievably, 0.3 percent unidentifiable origins which don’t belong to any Chinese ethnic people. Now I need to invest more money to have another test to decode the 0.3 percent. Ironically, I have excellent metabolic capability of alcohol because my ADH and ALDH genes can dissolve alcohol faster than most people although one glass of beer can make my head spin… for now. Hair loss, a unibrow, pain sensitivity and dry or wet earwax are among some quite useless but curious traits. Who would need a genetic test to find out whether he or she has a unibrow or not? A mirror will do the job!

Notwithstanding the obvious spoilers, I can’t help but wonder what my son will look like when he grows up. Will he be tall, shortsighted (since both his parents are), musically inclined or have a high learning ability and so on? Getting a kit specially designed for kids will save me 20 years of waiting.

More importantly, a proper genetic test uses qualitative genotyping to detect clinically relevant variants in the genomic DNA of adults to report carrier status and show health predispositions such as type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s or certain types of cancer.

I have excellent metabolic capability of alcohol because my ADH and ALDH genes can dissolve alcohol faster than most people.

According to YYL Hospital’s Genetic Testing Lab, thyroid cancer is one of the most common diseases in Southern China, including Dongguan. Getting a genetic test and body check package at YYL will help you know your body better and take preventative measures. Their genetic testing screens for gene mutations that may lead to liver cancer, kidney cancer, mammary cancer and hysterocarcinoma. Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking anybody to cut anything off or take anything out, but I recommend getting health insurance if you have high hereditary risks before it is too late. I have told you where to get the ultimate cheat sheet. According to China Insurance Regulatory Commission since 2017, insurance companies are not allowed to collect, access or require any genetic testing information of the insured.

Whether you take a genetic test or not totally depends on you. Regardless, being who you are is far more important than finding your unibrow.