The Perfect Exhibition

The To Be Perfect art exhibition at the South China Art Museum and Art Space in 33 Town is taking place this month from October 13 to 27. To Be Perfect shows individuals how they can go beyond their hobby and make it a career with 12 artists who have done just that. The event was coordinated by tattoo artist and business owner Yoyo Zhong, from Shenzhen, who opened her second studio, Lotus Ink, in 33 Town.

Not all are artists in the traditional sense, and include professional surfers, skateboarders, graphic designers and free divers all from Shenzhen. Zhong said the exhibit is to prove a point. “It is time to show we turned our hobby into a serious business and encourage young people around us… most parents thought we would grow out of it,” she said. She said the point of the exhibition is to encourage young people in the right way and show it is possible to make a career from a hobby. Items and videos from each artist will represent their career paths, and some are credited with starting those industries in China. There is a grand opening party on October 13 starting at 3 pm, where visitors can meet most of the minds behind the show. Drinks and snacks are provided by Zhong’s bar, Bar Ink, and everyone is invited to attend.