Taste a Honey Feast

Find out how honey is harvested and learn more about bees in Tongsha Park this weekend at a honey tasting farm. Taste four types of honey from different flowers and seasons in South China.

After enjoying a 4.5 km walk (or drive) from the west entrance of Tongsha Park, you will see bee boxes on the left side of the road. Don’t hesitate to walk up the small hill to the entrance of the bee farm, where you will be welcomed by a tail-wagging dog and see a small table with different jars of honey.

Lai, the warm-hearted honey man, will smile at you and invite you to have a seat. You can try different kinds of honey and he would be more than happy to open a box to show you the secret life of bees and teach you about the hive. Without any promotion, the diligent honey man has been keeping bees in Tongsha Park for 9 years. After the experience you can buy the healthy, natural and tasty honey for a reasonable price. Contact our editor Lisax Leung by WeChat at iamlisax to get the location and findout more.