Shiny New Cash

When was the last time you used cash? That long ago? Well, don’t be surprised if for some reason you do use cash it is different from what you remember.

In order to improve banknote quality and make it easier for people and modern electronic devices to recognize forged banknotes, on August 30, the People’s Bank of China issued new 50-yuan, 20-yuan, 10-yuan and 1-yuan banknotes, and 1-yuan, 5-jiao and 1-jiao coins.

As for the new version of the 50-yuan, 20-yuan and 10-yuan banknotes, the layering and the color brightness have been optimized. The most obvious change f the 50-yuan is the denomination is no longer printed in the bottom left corner of the face side and instead is printed in the middle.

In the new series the banknotes are printed similar to the 100-yuan (2015 edition). When the banknote is tilted in the light, the color of the numbers will change: 50-yuan changes from green to blue, 20-yuan from gold to green and 10-yuan from green to blue. Each new note has a shiny band running down its side. However, there is no new version of the 5-yuan note due to its low circulation.