Scan to Pass: Not For Expats

Instead of using a metro card, you might notice people are using their phones to get in and out of the subway. Nope, it is not through WeChat or Alipay, but a Dongguan metro app called Dongguan Tong (东莞通).

The app was updated in August introducing new functions and allows passengers to scan the QR code to take the subway with a maximum discount of 55 percent. Passengers can use the app not only for the subway but for the bus as well, showing the exact time a bus will arrive at the stop. They can even use it to order a taxi. Alipay, WeChat or a bank card can be used to fill up the app. It can be connected to your physical metro card and used to fill that up too. Users can stay up to date with the latest transportation and coupon information in Dongguan by using this app.

No more trying to find your metro card or going through the trouble to fill it up at the service center. However, after confirming with the application’s company, we are sad to tell our foreign readers that this app, for now, is only available to Chinese citizens with a Chinese ID number. HERE! will keep you updated on developments with the Dongguan Tong app and if, or when, it becomes user friendly for foreigners.