OPPO Breaks Ground in Chang’an

Oppo had a ground-breaking ceremony on July 10 for their new center in Chang’an. The center is projected to employ over 5,000 people and cover an area of 82,000 square-meters with 10 towers, among which the tallest is 249.5 meters. OPPO’s smartphone sales ranked the fourth highest globally, and their new ventures will further drive that success. Gaoling Zhu, Vice President of OPPO said that the new center, “will play a strategic role in OPPO’s research and development endeavors, further enhancing the core technological capabilities of the company.” He also mentioned that the new center will play an important role in the future of the Greater Bay Area after completion. The center will focus not only on developing technology for smartphones, but also on localization to make their products more user-friendly in countries around the world.