New DG Metro Prohibition

On September 1 the Dongguan Rail Transit Bureau passed a new metro rule prohibiting electric vehicles such as e-bikes, hoverboards and electric scooters on the subway. They said this is to create a “safer, more efficient
and more harmonious travel environment.” This follows closely to the rules already established in other cities, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Changsha, where electric vehicles have been completely banned from subway stations.

According to the Dongguan Rail Transit Bureau, the new rule is due to potential safety hazards that are linked to the usage of batteries in various vehicles and could lead to incidents such as explosions or fires, causing injury and panic among passengers. To avoid these incidents, the fifth point of Article 9 of the new rule says that other items such as inflated balloons, garden tools, freight carts, bicycles and other items that make it difficult for others to pass through the station are also prohibited from entering the station. However, folding peddle bikes are still allowed, so long as it complies with the luggage code.

Signs have been posted at the entrance of the stations to make passengers aware of the changes. Security personnel will also remind passengers using electric vehicles.