Flying Taxis Take to the Skies in Guangdong

Last month, Guangzhou provincial government signed an agreement with Ehang, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company. Guangzhou became the world’s first pilot city for a new form of transportation known as an air taxi, which is expected to help reduce ground traffic congestion. This new mode of transportation is in its early stages, but Ehang is planning to set up several routes in tourist attractions for trial purposes this year. Over the next two years more routes will be added.  

Chief Strategy Officer of Ehang, Xu Huaxiang, told the media that the air taxi is double the speed of a car and it can fly straight between destinations. Therefore, a 30-minute drive will be shortened to a three-minute flight with an air taxi. Without any lever or button inside, passengers can easily use their cell phones to input the destination like taking a DiDi. The current prototype can fit one to two passengers.

To ensure transportation safety, Guangzhou Provincial Government will develop a UVA management platform together with Ehang. The price is predicted to be similar to taking a ground taxi. Who knows, Dongguan might follow Guangzhou and Dongguaners could have a chance to fly to work in the future.