Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw participants sharpened their pencils on August 11 at Treehouse for a drawing session. The event is like the name suggests, artists get together to draw while enjoying a drink.

Event coordinator Grace Law said you don’t have to be good at drawing to join, you just have to be interested in art. They don’t just draw, they take part in art games and focus on sharing ideas and creativity. Art supplies is provided at Treehouse but people are encouraged to bring their own supplies if they have it.

This is an event that includes different kinds of people in different occupations designed to bring them together through art (and drinks). This is not an original idea to Dongguan, and has gained popularity in other cities, but Law said she is wanting to make it a regular activity at Treehouse and is hoping to have it twice a month. She said it is open to anyone who wants to sign up. “It’s not always the same people. It’s like a socializing group and a good event to meet people who share the same interests,” she said.

Contact HERE! to find out how to get in touch with and join the Drink and Draw group.