DG Gets Inktobered

Inktober 2019 is back with daily topics for artists to show how creative they are. Each topic promotes a different theme each day for artists to interpret in their drawings. The event is a worldwide collective that started in 2009 by Jake Parker, founder and illustrator, and headed in Dongguan by the Drink and Draw Crew since 2016. The goal is 31 days and 31 drawings to “develop positive drawing habits,” according to inktober.com.

“If you are in love with drawing, you are welcome to join,” Nelly, with the DG Drink and Draw Crew, said.

Topics consist simply of one word, such as “Ring”, leaving it open for interpretation by the artists.

challenge for the true artists, but those wanting to take it a bit slower can do “the half-marathon and post every other day, or just do the 5k and post once a week,” according to inktober.com. They just request participants be consistent in their commitment. So, go draw something beautiful.