TCM Saves Your Neck

Back and neck pain is a very personal and important issue for me. I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for much of my adult life, and have had many different treatments, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

It is not just an issue for me. With the advent of cell phones, laptops and tablets, back and neck pain have become increasingly common complaints among many, due to bad posture caused by holding the neck at the wrong angle for an extended period of time. According to scientific research, the more you bend your neck, the more pressure your cervical vertebra must bear. If you lean your neck forward at an angle of 60 degrees, the pressure your cervical vertebra gets is equal to bearing a weight of 27 kg.

I have tried many methods at different facilities, using both Western medical treatments and traditional Chinese treatments.
Here is what I found out.

Hou Xi Acupoints
Gently clench your fist and you can see the crease on the outside of your little finger, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) we call it Hou Xi Acupoint. According to a Chinese theory, this controls the meridians that run in the back. So, if you have a stiff neck, massage this area three to five minutes every hour. It can help unclog the meridians on your back and relieve the pressure from your neck.

Feng Chi Acupoints
Feng Chi Acupoints are found at the base of your skull, on either side of your spine (where the spine enters the skull). Massaging this area is thought to turn the humidity in your body into heat and transfer to the rest of your head. Massage the Feng Chi Acupoints 30 times until you have slight soreness. It helps to use a comb to brush your hair while stimulating these two acupoints.

Steaming Massage Table
Another more complex treatment is the steaming massage table, available at YYL Medical Center. It doesn’t look special at first, but with some parts removed, heat is produced underneath the table. A device boils different herbs to supply healing steam to open up your meridians. A TCM therapist will take care of your problem after your muscles have softened and are relaxed. Beware of possible discomfort during your session. After all, you are in YYL to be fixed, not relax. Remember to make an appointment in advance.

More Solutions
Playing badminton and swimming have also proven effective for me to improve the situation. Sports that involve non-stressful head and back movements would likely be helpful too. However, many people may feel that their work is too busy, and they don’t have time for such things. Are there any other simple exercise they can do at home or at the office?

Due to long working hours, lumbar pain is another pressing problem in the busy modern world.

Of course! Just imagine your head like a Chinese calligraphy brush and then write the Chinese character for rice: 米. It allows you to move your head horizontally, vertically then diagonally! As your Chinese gets better, feel free to switch to different characters, as long as the strokes are complicated enough to exercise your neck.

Due to long working hours, lumbar pain is another pressing problem in the busy modern world. Office workers can easily spend more than 8 hours a day sitting in a chair. It puts 140 kg pressure on your lumbar vertebra when you sit upright on a chair. The number changes to 185 kg when you sit leaning forward. It is highly suggested that you sit against the chair back, and if possible, you should use a lumbar pad to support your back.

Finally, go to bed early. When you lie on your back in bed, only 25 kg is put on your lumbar vertebra. Get yourself a cushion to put under the back of your knees, it will reduce the pressure on your lumbar as well.

Try these relief methods next time you feel you back or neck starting to hurt.