Speaking Easy: SilentAlco2 Bar Review

The interior decor of SilentAlco2 is best described as “bohemian meets interstellar.” The owner, Benny, told us it’s based on The Martian. The music sets a great ambiance, smooth and groovy without being overpowering. There are cozy spots along the perimeter of the main bar, suitable for an intimate date or late-night chat. If you prefer the open concept that a 180-degree bar offers, many seats allow a full intentional view of the skilled bartenders at work. Speaking of which, chatting with them is one of the highlights of visiting.

The best way to “pick your poison” at SilentAlco2 is not a menu, but a conversation with one of the bartenders. They will read your taste and serve something catered for you. With that said here are a few options to get you started. Ask for Mr. Singapore Sling, the head bartender, he’s known for this drink. In short, this drink was invented at a hotel in Singapore, as a way to start a conversation and get young ladies sipping some liquor without looking déclassé. The presentation and story are great, try it if you’ve always wanted to put your straw inside a maraschino cherry and sip on it, although some might find it too sweet. The drink was good, but one Singapore Sling is definitely enough.

The thought of several liquors in the same cup spells trouble, too many flavors vying for attention, however, this drink nailed it; take the same basic presentation as an Old Fashioned and add rum, bourbon and whiskey and you have a Golden Fashioned. One sip rolls through the different flavors of each, including a smoky addition. By the way, if you’ve ever tried an Old Fashioned and found it too “alcohol-ly” this goes down a bit smoother. Tiffany’s Dinner is a cocktail whose namesake comes from the recognizable matte teal green of a Tiffany jewelry box. Yogurt and juice compliment the liquor inside and mitigate any bitter or sugary after taste. It’s sweet, smooth and oh so photogenic with the taste reminiscent of a creamsicle. Tiffany earrings are not included…

Moving on to a drink better suited for Dongguan’s climate with a Tropical Sour. You don’t have to worry about the name, it won’t make you pucker up in discomfort. Mixing juice, rum and a slightly charred garnish, this is a rich, bold, yet surprisingly tropical offering. This one was our official favorite. It was refreshing, smooth as silk and the presentation was an understatement. So, if you are looking for an adventure or something a little bit out of the ordinary, throw “financial responsibility” to the wind and check out the SilentAlco2. The boring gin and tonic you ordered last week can wait, it’s been around since… well, whenever tonic was invented.

Address: 108, No.1 Yuanmei East Road, Nancheng