New Line to SZ Airport

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway is scheduled to begin operations on September 30. The railway starts in Guangzhou and goes through 10 stations in Dongguan: Zhongtang, Wangniudun, Wanghong, Hongmei, Shatian, Houjie, Humen Railway Station, Humen Shaomaocheng, Changan Shabian, Chang’an Jinsha, as well as four stations in Shenzhen: Haishang Tianyuan, Heping, Airport North, and ends at Shenzhen Airport.

The railway will shorten the travel time between the three cities to an hour, with an estimated interval of five minutes between stops. The train will travel at an average speed of 140km/h. Thanks to the railway, Dongguaners will be able to easily take the subway and transfer to the intercity railway in Humen to get to Shenzhen Airport.