Nanshe Ranked number four

Recently Nanshe Ancient Village in Chashan Town became one of the Top 20 Chinese Villages, ranking fourth on the list. Nanshe Ancient Village has 32 well-preserved cluster shrines, over 250 old houses, over 40 old wells and five temples, which present typical architectural styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties. They are of high cultural and art values.

Nanshe Ancient Village scored 677.81 in 10 criteria that cover three aspects: culture and scenery, economic development and social influence. As the only village in Guangdong standing among the Top 20, a “Nanshe model” is said to be followed by many other ancient villages.

This first Top 20 Chinese Village campaign was organized by the Village Renaissance Forum (www.ivillages.org) and Lijiang Publish House. It attracted 226 villages to compete against one another and more than 67 thousand votes online.