Dongcheng Cooking Competition

On July 15 and 16, chefs from 20 restaurants gathered on the fifth floor in DG Mall for a head to head competition of cooking expertise. This live cooking competition was hosted by the Dongcheng Dine and Drink Association with support from different city government departments and local media. Over a span of two days, people witnessed chefs craft tradition and modern techniques into mouth-watering cuisine. Professionals had to create dishes within the given time and present the look, smell and taste of the food to the judges. Cooking experts, media representatives and six selected public judges constituted a well-balanced, fair and interactive board of judges. “The Dongguan Diamond Cuisine Selection Campaign has welcomed its 12th year. We’ve seen great progress in the Dongguan dine and drink industry in exploring new ingredients, dish innovation and food safety.” Canran Liang, Chinese cooking state level 1 judge and consultant of Dongguan Cuisine R&D center, said.

Besides a feast for the eyes, spectators also got to enjoy a real feast. Local brands brought their trendy beverages, traditional snacks and finger foods to the occasion. Performances, including dancing and singing, pushed the whole event to its peak.