Runaway From Excuses and Jog!

It’s easy to think of an excuse for not doing your daily exercise. but why waste all the progress you have made or could make? here’s what you can do to run away from the excuses and run towards a healthier lifestyle.

Dongguaners got excited to know the date of the 2019 Dongguan International Marathon was confirmed recently, and is scheduled for December 22. Registration is expected to open in August. Since the word spread, some wishy-washy joggers seem to be entering into a serious commitment.

It is common sense that jogging is good for your health: enhancing your cardiopulmonary functions, promoting metabolic detoxification, relieving stress and keeping fit. It takes an estimated three weeks to maintain a habit and one excuse for not jogging can unravel all your progress. To draw a comparison, excuses are like a box of chocolates—you never know which one you will have. Let’s run away from excuses and get ready for 2019 Dongguan International Marathon and the marathon of life!

The weather is crap today”

One of the most common excuses people use in Dongguan to avoid running/jogging is the unceasing rain, along with the pollution. However, there are ways to avoid catching a cold from running in the rain and saving your lungs from less than desirable air, while still getting your daily jog in.

You can invest in a foldable treadmill that takes up around half a square meter, after being folded, and it weighs less than 30 kg. With wheels on the bottom, you can easily put it by a window for a view or switch to the living room so you can enjoy your favorite TV program. By moving your jog inside on dreary days, your progress continues, and you can monitor your improvement and form even closer.

In order to prevent damage to your knees, Doctor Yang Yu from YYL Medical Clinic advised to “Land your forefoot first and pay attention to where your heel lands. Try to land it right under your knee to prevent any possible strain on your knees.” You can hook up your treadmill to your smartphone to record your steps, stride frequency and speed. This will help you focus on the right form and prevent injury.

I’m out of shape”

If your heart rate monitor clocked you at 155 beats per minute, while you were on the couch, you need to do something. Although there are risks for people who have heart disease, high blood pressure or are simply overweight, jogging is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular functions. You might have heard about Karvonen Formula which can determine your average running heart rate: Target Heart Rate = [(max HR ? resting HR) × %Intensity] + resting HR

If you are new to jogging and have a heart condition it is best to start slow. This will decrease the impact on your body. Slowly increase your progress over time as your health improves.

If you exhaust yourself while jogging, you are doing it wrong. “Keep your target heart rate between 60 percent to 80 percent of your maximum aerobic heart rate.” Doctor Yu suggested. Controlling your target heart rate is not just for safety reasons but it also helps the fat burning process.

It’s boring to jog alone”

Your dog may not want to go out today and jog with you. Is that why you won’t go? Get yourself a real jogging buddy or a running partner! Join a local jogging WeChat group and help each other stick to your goals. Studies show that running with a partner or in a group increases motivation by having someone depend on them to show up, as well as a support team. It also provides a little healthy competition by having someone to race, thus improving performance.

However, jogging is not done for other people. It is something you do for yourself. You may not feel fit now, but with time you will feel more confident. Remember it takes three weeks to build a habit and one excuse to unravel it. No more excuses!