A Lion Legend Visits Dongcheng

For those who have not heard of the movie “To Walk with Lions” starring Richard Harris, it is the famous story of George Adamson; an expat who established a foundation to protect wild animals in Kenya from poachers. Tragically Adamson was murdered in the pursuit of his quest, but his legacy was continued by a predecessor and life-long friend, Tony Fitzjohn. After publishing his novel “Born Wild,” Fitzjohn would go on to receive an Order of the British Empire (OBE) and get the endorsement of His Royal Highness Prince Harry from the United Kingdom.

Thanks to Dongcheng resident Marcus Soares for setting up the visit, HERE! Square was privileged with Fitzjohn’s presence. Tony gave a four-hour talk in Big River Craft Brewery, speaking in length about his continuing mission to help lions, rhinos and elephants. Adults and children alike sat mesmerized as they listened to tale after tale of this amazing man’s trials and tribulations. He went on to relay tales of his 50-years experience in Africa before ending with a Q&A session. Sadly, Tony was only in Dongguan for one day, after heading to Guangzhou for another talk before flying home, but those who were fortunate enough to be in Dongguan that day got an afternoon they will never forget!