DG’s Newest Int’l Hotspot

HERE! Square located in 33 Town is looking for qualified tenants with international elements for future cooperation.

For those who haven’t noticed the area in renovation opposite of Dynacity Mall—33 Town is invested by one of the most famous real estate companies, BGY (Bi Gui Yuan) Country Garden. With great economy and resource support from BGY, 33 Town is expected to become the biggest comprehensive creative area in Dongguan. Excitingly, a certain area is assigned to HERE! to play its role in this exhilarating plan, the so-called “HERE! Square.”

HERE! Square occupies 10,000 square meters of the total 110,000 square meters of 33 Town. The future vision is for it to become an international lifestyle comprehensive space, including various kinds of areas such as food and beverage, entertainment, art, culture, parents and kids, etc. Noticing our14 years’ experience of serving expats in Dongguan, BGY trusted that HERE! was the best candidate for the role of adding international elements.

So far, Up Town 26 and Big River who chose to set the scene, are already open. Seeing the potential of HERE! Square, a famous tattoo brand from Shenzhen is considering opening its Dongguan branch soon. Actually, the DG Craft Beer Festival on June 29 and 30 provides the ideal opportunity to check out the space, as that’s where the event will be held.