Ever-Increasing Wages in DG

According to a report released by Dongguan’s Statistical Bureau in the last quarter of 2018, the annual average wage for Dongguan employees has increased nearly 129 times, 40 years after the Reform and Opening policy. Overall, Dongguan’s annual average wage was 61,373 RMB in 2017, which had been increased almost 129 times since 1978. State-owned enterprises’ annual average wage was 116,358 RMB, which was raised 183.7 times, compared with the average 630 RMB in 1978. In 2017, the average for collective-owned enterprises was 88,696 RMB—an increase of 271.9 times compared to its annual number 325 RMB in 1978.

In general, Dongguan’s average monthly wage in 2018 was 4,721 RMB, showing an 11 percent increase since 2017. Not bad, hey? Since the Reform and Opening Up, the economy of Dongguan has developed rapidly, somehow causing a massive demand for employment, which has brought a large number of migrants flowing in. In 1982, there were only 1,153,000 permanent residents in Dongguan, and the number grew to 7,190,000 in just 35 years. In addition, the “2019 China City Development Potential Ranking Report” was released on April 12, which stated Dongguan as number 15 on a full list of 100 cities among the whole of China.