让你梦想成真! | Make A Dream Come True


Pelé, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo… Upon hearing these names, does it stir up your long-forgotten dream of becoming a football player? Tired and indifferent, you claim “When I was young, my family could never afford such a thing; and now it’s even more of a luxury for me to think about,” while laying your hand on your pot belly.


You sit back on your couch in front of the TV. You turn it on and switch to CCTV 5. You see a young footballer score a great goal, but your thoughts go back to that narrow lane in your childhood.


You were wearing a cheap, regular t-shirt, with a “7” that was carefully drawn on the back. You beautifully dodged several interceptions and finally, scored! You saw that imaginary football go right into the other team’s goal…


You can’t help smiling.


Your parents worked their asses off, because their generation strongly believed that hard work was key. One day, you told your father that you would like to buy a football. He didn’t even wait for you to finish, he just stopped you by saying, “Dreams and interests are useless. Don’t count on that football to bring you money or fame. Just go back to your room and finish your damn homework.”


“Dad, I want to play football.” Your son, having just started third grade, pulls you back to reality. You go to the field with him. You feel so content just looking at him, running and kicking the ball happily. For you, whether he will become a football star doesn’t matter at all. You want to be there for him and support him, so that he can have a taste of something that you never had before, something known as a “dream.”


If your kids like football, (you may have dreamed of becoming a football player when you were their age) why not give them the opportunity that you didn’t have? We would like to invite you and your kids to start an amazing journey in Italy this summer, from July 28 to August 5. It is definitely much more than just football. Find out more, and hurry up as spaces are limited in order to maintain a high-quality trip over nine days.

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  • 英语课程 + 足球训练
  • 游览威尼斯、米兰、巴尔多
  • 漂流、购物……丰富的活动

From July 28 to August 5

  • English Courses + Football Training
  • Sightseeing: Venice, Milan, Monte Baldo
  • Fun Activities: Rafting, Shopping…